During the season, the best way to grab a bargain is to book a package deal. These are usually available all year round and need to be paid in full at time of booking and are non refundable and non transferable. But the savings are quite good. During the month of January to April, operators and accommodation providers lower the rates to attract more business in what I believe is the best time of the year anyhow! The water is just so warm and the colours are spectacular – a photographers paradise! If you just want to get away from the rat race, then I believe January to April are the best months. It is quiet, stunningly beautiful and the best value for your money! Usually prices are rock bottom and you can snatch great bargains! However, a lot of services, tours and restaurants are closed in summer. So please do not be disappointed, find out before hand which services are available, which tours are operating and which restaurants are open! So when some bargains sound too good to be true, you may want to find out what the catch is! Sometimes there is none, but……! Another way of saving is booking a longer stay. Weekly rates are often much cheaper!


Turquoise Bay Summer Special

Our best offer yet!
Designed for people visiting Ningaloo Reef wanting to explore the unspoiled Coral and fish life without breaking the bank or compromising comfort, service and maximising their fun!
Save up to AUD75/day.

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HOT! Win Win Deal

This is a prepaid, non refundable and non transferable special, for a 4 Star Executive Studio, which allows you to save money but locks in your stay.
Perfect for people who have set dates, their own transport and book 2 weeks ahead. Minimum 3 nights stay.

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– free Airport Transfers
– Executive Studio Accommodation
– Continental Breakfast
– Small Hire Car

from AUD249.00/night for 2 people

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