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457 Visa for temporary workers in Australia


Australia has one of the lowest population densities in the world, so often there is a shortage of trained workers for a large number of jobs. To overcome this problem, employers are hiring skilled workers from foreign countries for the job for a short period of time. To make it easier for the employee to work in Australia the government was issuing 457 visas for skilled workers. So Australia businesses and professionals who find foreign workers with a 457 visa, may ask what is a 457 visa Australia. The details of the 457 visa which was replaced by the Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa , subclass 482 in 2018 are discussed below.


To get the 457 visa, the applicant should be sponsored by the employer who requires their services. The visa applicant should have the skills, experience and qualifications which are required for the job in Australia for which he was hired. The applicant should be able to get the licenses required for doing the job or get the registration required. The visa is usually issued only for new or specific occupations where the number of skilled professionals in Australia is less than the jobs available. The visa applicant should have at least two years work experience.


Approved applicants can live in Australia for up to 4 years after their 457 visa application is approved since it is a temporary visa. During the period, the visa applicant can work for the employer who has sponsored him. He can also change his job and work for another company, using the same visa. However, he will have to apply for a change in sponsorship. The 457 visa holder can invite his family members to live with him in Australia during this period, their names will be included in the visa. Only immediate family members are eligible. The employee is free to travel in Australia, and to other countries during the validity period of the visa.

Other conditions

The visa applicant should start working at the sponsoring company within 90 days of arriving in Australia, if he has applied for the visa from abroad. Similarly, in case the visa applicant was in Australia, he should start work within 90 days of approval. The visa holder can apply for and get permanent residency in Australia if he fulfills the conditions stipulated by the government. Since the 457 visa is replaced by the TSS visa, for visa renewal, the job applicant should apply for TSS visa subclass 482 if eligible.

Expiring visa

Employees who hold a 457 visa and find that it is expiring soon, can apply for a new TSS visa under subdivision 482. Alternately the skilled worker may find that he is eligible for a permanent visa sponsored by the employer. Workers who have been working for the same employer for at least two or three years may find that they can get a permanent visa. Some of the different types of employer sponsored permanent visas for the skilled workers in Australia are the 187 (RSMS) visa and the 186 (ENS) visa.