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Do you love beaches and blue water?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then Hamilton Island can be your dream destination.


Hamilton Island is situated in Queensland, Australia. This island is an Eco-friendly island. The island has white sands and exceptionally beautiful marine life.

Among all the Whitsunday islands, this is the most beautiful island. You can take a flight from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and you can reach the island directly. Water sports, scuba diving, golf, marine life, sunny beaches, and more attractions are waiting for you there.


If you are still asking – is Hamilton island nice to visit? then you should read the below article.


5 Reasons That Make Hamilton Island a Dream Destination


1) Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is full of marine life wonders. You can do snorkeling or scuba diving here. This stunning water world will leave you awestruck. The bluish water and beautiful surroundings are just indescribable.


2) Magnificent Whitehaven Beach

The Whitehaven beach is one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. The beach has spectacular white sand. Moreover, the beach is perfectly organized. Hence, you can enjoy this beach seamlessly.


3) Super-exciting Water sports and Events

Hamilton Island conducts many events. You can race, run, swim, and jump. These events go on all over the year. So, this island will never bore you. If you love water sports, then this island can be a perfect place for you. Even the island arranges special water tours. So, lovers can also enjoy on the island.


4) Best-class Restaurants

Australian, Italian, Mexican and more dishes are available on this island. The island has some great bars and world-class restaurants (ex – Bommie Restaurant). You can enjoy your food and drink looking at the scenic beauty of the beaches. Just imagine how beautiful your experience would be!


5) Golf

This sport requires enormous ground. The good news is that Hamilton Island has a great golf course nearby (Dent Island). The golf course offers good challenges. Hence, time will fly away on this island.


Water sports, adventure tours, marine life, delicious foods, bright beaches, and many more attractions are calling you. It’s an ‘easy to go’ holiday destination for Australians. So, visit the best accommodation on Hamilton Island and refresh your body & mind





Few Places on earth are blessed with the stark contrast of rugged ranges and a marine park on their doorstep. Take the time to move to Exmouth’s two worlds for an unforgettable experience.

Cape Range National Park has picturesque views over the stark limestone ranges, gorges, sparkling blue ocean and white sand.

Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing reef in the world. It is famous for its coral formations and marine life, boasting some 200 species of fish and over 500 species of coral. Exmouth offers fantastic snorkelling from the beach or scuba diving on the reef and is renowned for its manta rays, humpback whales, turtles, and of course the whale sharks. The name ‘Ningaloo’ comes from the aboriginal word for ‘nose’ – probably inspired by the shape of North West Cape.

Enjoy a unique wildlife interaction with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, on a fantastic one day adventure. Ningaloo Reef is the only easily accessible place on our planet where these gentle giants appear in large numbers at predictable times of the year. The use of spotter planes assists the operators in pin pointing the whale sharks. Snorkelling with a whale shark is an unforgettable experience.

With our local knowledge, our friendly staff can help you to plan your intinery. As a free service, we also would like to assist you with all tour bookings.

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Dear valued Guest! We would like to welcome you to the unique Best Western Sea Breeze Resort.

Please use the booking form at the left of the page to check availability, click here to send us an email or have a look at our sensational Hot! Deals!

Be our Guest and let our friendly staff take complete care of you and your family. The personal service begins as soon as you step off your flight. We will meet you at Learmonth airport and offer you a complimentary shuttle transfer to the resort – please advise flight details upon booking (excludes night flights). Whether you wish to swim with the whale sharks, or go for a safari over Cape Range, our staff have extensive local knowledge and will organise tours for you. Our complete personalised service, the atmosphere of the Best Western Sea Breeze Resort as well as the unique location next to the historic Harold E. Holt Naval Base will make your stay completely enjoyable.

Shared base facilities include a 25m lap pool complex with diving boards complete with BBQs, and tennis courts.

We are also the Thrifty Car Rental agent for Exmouth/Ningaloo. With a range of cars, from compact to 4WD and utilities, you can explore the region at your own leisure. And we will drop you off at the airport at the end of your stay!

Few places on earth are blessed with two national parks on their doorstep and even fewer with a marine and terrestrial one. Cape Range National Park accommodates some of the most magnificent and secluded beaches with white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters in contrast with the typical red dirt and harsh cliffs of the range.

Ningaloo Marine Park is the only extensive coral reef system in the world on the western coast of a continent. Ningaloo is globally renown for the congregation of whale sharks from March to June, and offers some of the best snorkelling beaches in the world.

It is our aim to ensure your stay in Exmouth is relaxing and enjoyable. So please Be our Guest and let us take care of you.…