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What is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?


It is the technique which is life saving in nature that is useful in emergencies in heart attack or in case of breathing where heart beat can be stopped. It combines chest compressions with ventilation that is artificial in nature and is manually reserved to perform brain function until useful measures are taken to restore the circulation of blood along with breathing problems in a person, which is responsible for heart attack. This is guided to those people who have unresponsiveness with abnormal breathing. It also involves an adult’s chest compression at the rate of 100 to 120 per minute.


What does it include?

Someone is pushing the chest with his or her hands, which is known as chest compression. It involves artificial breathing where someone breathes from his or her mouth into the person’s mouth whose breathing is stopped. Along with that, it also uses a small bag that is attached to the mask in order to press the air, which moves into the lungs. It is a kind of medicine, which is given by someone to restore the stimulation of the heart. It also involves a machine that will help you giving electrical shock to your chest. It also involves putting the tube into your mouth that will reach your lungs.


CPR Importance

They alone can restart the heart. The main aim of this procedure is to restore the partial flow of blood to the brain along in the heart. The main objective is to delay the death of the tissue along with extending the opportunity for successful rescue without damaging the brain. This procedure is done until the heart returns to its circulation. Some of the benefits of this procedure are outlined below


1. This procedure is conducted when the person stops breathing or its heart beat stops.

2. In this procedure the chest is pressed forcefully for 15 – 30 minutes. Tube is also required to put in the mouth into the lungs, which is connected to the breathing machine.

3. By doing this the person will return to its normal heartbeat in 10 – 15 minutes. But they are not fully recovered in this case. They may face some problems that will require serious care.

Risks of CPR

Sometimes CPR will not restart the heart because of the fact that someone is having serious issues. If the person is saved from CPR then they may suffer from a sore throat along with having the problem of broken ribs due to compression of chest. People may also notice lungs that are compressed in nature. Apart from that, if you are saved from CPR you will also notice some serious issues like brain damage or breathing problems. These risks are fully involved with CPR. Person whose life is saved with this procedure will have to take the best of his care in different fields.


Thus, this is the best technique, which is used to save the life of the person when they got heart attack or their breathing stops. It involves many functions that will be done in order to save the life of the people.




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